Pasteur Institute of India
(An Autonomous Institute Under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

The Team


Dr. S. Sivakumar, Director

Over all in charge

Dr. A. Premkumar, Senior Research Officer

Controlling Officer, Tissue Culture Anti Rabies Vaccine production, Quality Control Department , Lab. Animal Division, Estate  & Liaison Officer, OBC

Shri A. Vairamoorthy, Administrative Officer

Controlling Officer, Administration & Accounts

Shri R. Mohan, Research Officer

Controlling Officer, Library Officer-in-Charge, Quality Assurance, Maintenance & CPIO

Dr. K.C. Sivanandappa, Research Officer

Controlling Officer, DPT production,Officer-in-charge, Pertussis & Liaison Officer, SC/ST

Shri Jason M Jayacross,Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, Lab. Animal Division

Mrs. T. Lalitha, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, Tetanus

Dr. C. Muniandi, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, QCD (in-vivo & Micro)

Mrs. Chandra Charles, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-charge, Library & Section-in-Charge, Quality Assurance

Shri. B. Annamalai, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, Formulation & Filling

Dr. N. Sivananda, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, QCD (in-vitro)

Dr. S. Jagannathan, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-charge, TCARV, Quality Control Department -Stability Section-in-charge, Estate

Dr. T. Sekar, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-Charge, Diphtheria and R&D

Shri G. Chandramohan, Assistant Research Officer

Officer-in-charge, Raw Material Testing & Rabies Diagnostic Laboratory

Shri P. Sasikumar, Private Secretary

Officer-in-charge, Purchase & Stores