Pasteur Institute of India
(An Autonomous Institute Under Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India)

Library Committee

Library Committee:

W.E.F 01.05.2019, until further orders

  • (a) Dr. S. Sivakumar, Director – Head of the Committee
  • (b) Dr. A. Premkumar, Assistant Director
  • (c) Shri R. Mohan, Senior Research Officer
  • (d) Shri K.C. Shivanandappa, Senior Research Officer
  • 1. To guide the Librarian in formulating general library policies and regulations which govern the functions of the library.
  • 2. To provide for proper documentation services and updating the Library collection.
  • 3. To work towards modernization and improvement of Library and documentation Services.
  • 4. To formulate policies and procedures for efficient use of Library resources.
  • 5. To review Library readership dept-wise
  • 6. To adopt measures to enhance readership
  • 7. To prepare a budget and proposals for the development of the Library.
  • 8. To recommend to the authorities the fees and other charges for the use of the Library and
  • 9. To seek feedback on Library functions from readers.